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Last year was a tough one for many of us. Experiencing disruptions and disappointments is an understatement!

It's easy to lose our joy when our world feels out of control. One of the biggest lies from the enemy is that we will have joy once our circumstances change.

This. Is. Not. True.

Despite what is going on around us, God is STILL on His throne! He is still good and He still wants to do a work in and through YOU!
So, for the next three weeks, let's look at what scripture has to say. Let's humble ourselves before Him, willing to change so that He can produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us!

What is DEVOTED?

No fluff here! We are committed to becoming devoted followers of Jesus. By learning how to study the Bible and continually meeting in community we aim to practice the things that will grow and mature us in our faith. Our goal is to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Jesus!

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