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A Greater Miracle

In 2008, my dad was diagnosed with ALS. We quickly learned it was a fatal disease with a bleak prognosis and an assured ending. We prayed for a miracle. Surely physical healing would bring God much glory and display his power. On the day I received news of my dad’s diagnosis, I found myself saying, “Thank you Lord for what you did in his life in 1986.”

All those years ago, my dad confessed Jesus as Lord and believed in his heart that God raised him from the dead at the front of an empty church on a Tuesday afternoon. From that point on, Jesus Christ was his Lord. He was completely in charge and had deciding power in and over my dad’s life. His child-like first faith in Jesus at age 37 gave him right standing before God, something his past tried to convince him was impossible.

Let’s pause for a moment and imagine if God had healed him physically. Surely if any person with a fatal diagnosis miraculously had more healthy years added to their life, it would capture our attention, right?

Yet, are we equally in awe of the miracle of salvation?

Because an even greater healing happens when a person of any gender, of any nationality, and from any economic class calls on the name of the Lord. They are saved from their sin– healed, made whole and delivered.

Romans 10:9 gives us the clear path to salvation that we can give away to others. The easiest journey to take someone on is the one you have walked yourself.

Have you confessed Jesus as Lord? Is he in charge of your time? Your day? Your future plans? Does he have deciding power in your life?

How clearly can you share the plan of salvation if someone were to ask? Pray that someone does and that you’re ready to share with them they do.

How compelled are you by the good news? Ask God to increase your desire to give him away to the people in your everyday life.

Mull over this Scripture, ask God who He is drawing to himself, and then ask him to open the door to share the good news with them and love them like Jesus. Written by Stephanie Morales Beaulieu Stephanie helps women who are longing to be changed experience the transforming power of God’s word through bite-size Bible study.

She is a wife, a mama to four littles, lover of coffee and creativity, and author of three studies including A Roadmap to Trials (James), Walk in Love (Ephesians) and most recently, The Flourishing Life (The Parable of the Sower).

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