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So you want to start a group...

Ever thought of starting a group but are hitting one or more of these roadblocks: Lack of Time, Fear, or Not Knowing Where to Start?   
I'm here to help!! I am going to go through everything you need and address how you may be feeling right now (as your stomach turns thinking of starting a group).
You can do it!! And I can't wait to help get you started. First, download your Worksheet PDF then watch the training video below. 

Step 1: Download your Worksheet

Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 6.40.18 PM.png

Step 2: Watch the Video Training

Hi! I'm Becki...

I'm a mom of boys (x4), collector of all things stationery, drinker of coffee and wife to the most handsome/wittiest guy, Sam. We have recently moved our family from chilly Canada to balmy Florida and are now sweatin' in the name of Jesus.

I have so much love for the church. My passion is to move past the fluff, get into the Bible and create tools that will help you draw closer to Jesus. Be sure to follow along as we share about our crazy life, raising four boys, moving to a new country and living as entrepreneurs.

This is our story of how we make everyday decisions our ministry!

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